Running a business without a Professional Administration System can be a challenge.
Using technology for better Managing, Planning, Organizing, Monitoring and Controlling your business.

Added value to your business:
  • Membership Growth
  • Financial Growth
  • Net Profit Growth

Our Goals:

  • To Make all Funeral home user more profitable
  • To help all funeral homes become FSB compliant
  • To bring all Funeral Homes into the information age
  • To give all Funeral Homes access to all their customer information at the touch of a button
  • To ensure maximum levels of service to all our clients
  • To always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity

Membership Growth

Market research shows that it is so difficult for group schemes and funeral undertakers to gain new members, however it is even more difficult to manage and maintain their existing membership. This is a result of having so many funeral undertakers and group schemes in the market place. All of whom are concentrating on charging lower premiums and offering cheaper funeral services to attract new clients. At the moment the market is influenced by pricing, image and the reputation of the business.

Net Profit Growth

We have realised that there are two major sources of income in this industry, being premiums and funeral services. The pricing of these services will influence your net profit. Specialised knowledge and skills are needed to ensure that you are charging a balance of competitive rates versus ensuring the profitability of the business.

It is also critical that your business is running at its most efficient. Long Life Expert will impart knowledge on the issues of preventing theft, increasing admin accuracy as well as data security.

Group Scheme Administration

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